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1-800 Auto Loan has been helping individuals with good credit or with credit problems obtain auto loans since 1989, so let's get right to it.

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Our online Auto Loan application is one of the shortest in the industry and takes just a minute to complete. There's no obligation to buy and your information is securely protected.

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We are linked to hundreds of lenders nationwide -- and that includes banks and finance companies experienced in bad credit auto loans. If you have good credit, we can hook you up for a direct car loan. If you have so-so credit, the competition between banks will get you a better deal than you might have thought. And if you have really bad credit, we know companies willing to take a chance on you.

Car buying advice!
Since many bad credit auto loans have monthly payments around $250, we constantly research the best cars for bad credit customers. Did you know you can still buy a new car for around $10,000? We found some real bargains in used cars, too. Read on.

Bottom line
The majority of our customers are driving a new vehicle within 48 hours of applying. Why not join them?

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