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Frequently Asked Questions

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What kind of interest rate can I expect?
– Your interest rate will depend on many factors, including your credit score, whether the car is new or used, and the length of the loan. You can see interest rates matched to credit scores at

Why do you only work through dealers?
– Three reasons. First, that's the way 80 percent of all cars are purchased, and that's where banks, credit unions and other lenders feel most comfortable. Secondly, by going through a dealer, your chance of getting a bigger loan goes up (because different formulas are used for calculating an unsecured debt, like a credit card, versus an Auto Loan backed up by an asset, like your car). The final point is by doing business face-to-face we offer the ultimate protection when it comes to keeping your private financial details secure.

What's the most common thing you hear from your customers?
– That this is a fast and easy way to land a Car Loan.

What is gap insurance?
– Suppose you drive your new car off the lot and it gets stolen the very next day. Your insurance will cover the cost of the car, but your total loan (thanks to all the unpaid interest) could be higher than the insurance payout. That gap would come out of your pocket. So there are two ways to handle the situation -- have a large enough downpayment so you won't have the gap, or get gap insurance. Some dealers will offer it, some loans may require it, and in some cases, you can buy it later (and cheaper) from a private company (Yahoo "gap insurance + auto" and see for yourself).

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Why is this such a good time to be buying a used car?

Simple, really. Car dealers went from selling 15 million cars a year to selling 9 or 10 million cars per year. That's a big hit, and they really have to offer bargains to bring in traffic.

A second reason is that cars are better built and lasting longer than they used to. You can still get excellent reliability on a Honda Accord or a Toyota Camry even if they're 10 years old. Ford and Chevy now match Japanese companies in build quality, and Korean manufacturers (Kia and Hyundai) have gone from being jokes to reliability stalwarts.

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